David Forrest


Thought leadership

David Forrest is widely known as a writer, futurist, strategist and facilitator of systemic change. He is a strong communicator, problem solver and creative thinker.


Facilitator of initiatives to tackle complex challenges. Founder and president of the Integral Strategy Network.


Writer on collaboration and transformative change. Member of the Professional Writers Association of Canada.


Speaker on emerging trends and futures. Advisory Board member at the Institute for Science, Society and Policy.

Tackling complexity

David Forrest is based in Canada, and facilitates and consults internationally. He writes and speaks to groups and at conferences on trends and futures and new ways of working to create systemic change. 

Trained as an ecologist, and with a decades-long career in organizational strategy, David has a unique perspective on complex systems. He has worked in all sectors, and is often called upon to help with challenges that cross sector boundaries.

Creating the future

Challenges encourage ingenuity in a way that makes seemingly impossible goals achievable. They have the power to move an organization, a community, or a nation. They can change the world. 

Complex challenges cross traditional boundaries. Collective intelligence fuels ingenuity and gives rise to new possibilities. Our ability to tackle challenges collaboratively will determine how the next century unfolds. 

The best way to predict the future is to create it ourselves.

Transformative change

David writes and speaks on the following topics….

The Future

Emerging trends and possible futures. The implications of accelerating technological and social change.


Challenge as a catalyst for transformative change. Challenge-driven communities and organizations.


Black Swans and wicked problems. Navigating turbulence. Working with complex systems. 


New ways of organizing to be more agile, innovative, adaptive, and resilient. The emerging role of the system leader.


The growing need to work across boundaries on systemic change. The power of diversity and collective intelligence.


Strategy as an organization’s DNA. Finding a niche. Fine-tuning the capabilities required to deliver distinctive value.