David Forrest


Creating the future

David Forrest is widely known as a writer, futurist, strategist and facilitator of systemic change. He is a strong communicator, problem solver and creative thinker. 


Facilitator of collaborative multi-stakeholder initiatives to tackle wicked problems. Founder and president of the Integral Strategy Network.


Writer on collaborative action, transformative change, and emerging trends and futures. Member of the Professional Writers Association of Canada.


Consultant on strategy and strategic foresight. Advisory Board member at the Institute for Science, Society and Policy at the University of Ottawa.

Tackling complexity

David Forrest is based in Canada, and facilitates and consults internationally. He writes and speaks to groups and at conferences on powerful new ways of working to create systemic change. 

Trained as an ecologist, and with a decades-long career in organizational strategy, David has a unique perspective on complex systems. He has worked extensively in all sectors, and is often called upon to tackle challenges that cross sector boundaries.


We now face many wicked challenges.

Collaborative Change

David Forrest has played a facilitating role in many complex change initiatives requiring collaboration among diverse stakeholders. 


Every system has to cope with growing complexity and accelerating change.


Businesses create value in unique ways depending on the role they play in a complex web of customers and suppliers.


Governments tackle complex challenges that cross social, economic and environmental boundaries.


Communities create their future through complex interactions of place, social capital, and shared aspirations.


The healthcare system has to respond to complex emergency and continuing care needs in a highly diverse population.


Education prepares people of all ages with the skills and knowledge needed to cope in an increasingly complex world.


Non-profit organizations are most effective when they seek to achieve collective impact by working together.